About Us

At The Happy Llamas, we curate Experiences for participants to show them how their domains work in the real world, and how they approach sustainability. Why?

We believe that the world has a lot to offer, and only on going out and engaging with different cultures in different corners of the world can one get a holistic view of life, and evolve personally and professionally. We also feel strongly about the need to make this planet, the only one that we have, more sustainable.

Keeping these two thoughts in mind, we offer short term experiential learning courses across different domains, aimed at professional development for college students and young professionals. We work with domain and subject matter experts to co-curate these Experiences, which include live projects, workshops, seminars, masterclasses, market visits and interactions with industry professionals.

These courses happen across different geographies, and participants also get an understanding of how businesses adopt sustainable practices to be better prepared for the future.

Our aim is to inspire today’s youth on how to make this world a better place to live for themselves and their peers, and creating positive global impact in their domains of interest.

Come join us in this journey, and be a part of an inclusive and global community of changemakers!

Our Mission

Create positive global impact through an inclusive and global community of changemakers.

Our Vision

We started The Happy Llamas with the vision of encouraging today’s youth to embrace sustainability (be it environmental, socio-economic, or at a societal level) in their industry, using practical learning and travel as a vehicle.

Meet Our Llamas

Ankit founder

Ankit B

Founder / llama in chief

Ankit started The Happy Llamas to be able to ignite a sustainable mindset in today’s youth towards their profession. He believes in raising awareness about the UN’s SDGs.

Ankit travels for months together, to be able to absorb the culture of all the places he goes to, and using that to develop as a person, while creating positive global impact. His heart lies in the beautiful continent of South America.

man wearing cap and smiling

Sriram Kuchimanchi


Sriram is an Ashoka Fellow and heads the leadership team at Smarter Dharma. He founded Smarter Dharma to inspire and enable organisational change towards sustainability. He has served as the Fundraising Director of Association for India’s Development. Among his other initiatives are 500gallons and 500eco in the space of action for climate change.

Sriram envisions a world where every individual has the will and the choice to make socially and environmentally supportive decisions. 

girl smiling

Mohor Bose

Curator - The Architecture Experience

Mohor’s architecture philosophy leans towards vernacular and sustainable architecture. Her specializations, academic and professional, reflect this with a keen focus on climatology, passive architectural techniques, energy efficiency, use of local, recycled or renewable resources and waste management.

woman with long hair

Tanmayi Reddy

Curator - The Fashion Experience

Tanmayi is the Co-Founder of her own sustainable clothing label, Taia, a womenswear label that focuses on up-cycling, zero-waste design and creating adaptive, long lasting clothing. She also co-founded a charity event company, Open House, which provides a platform to artists and also raises funds for a chosen charity.

happy dog


woof in chief

Caramel is the heart of the company, and loves licking faces. Her main role is to ensure there’s love in the office, and bringing joy to the people working there. She is also an ambassador for the message #adoptdontshop.​